They are the ones with the sun bleached hair,
Their skin smells like sunscreen and salty water.
They wake up with the sunrise knowing that this day will be incomparable,
Their souls are craving for sunshine, sand and the sound of the sea.

The flaws on their skin have stories to tell,
Driving on the road, getting [goosebumps]
when their eyes finally touch the blue of the ocean.

You can easily hear them coming,
They are not just scratching surface,
They are diving into culture, nature and…the sea.
Almost nothing can stop them working, except [rain].

Don’t date a Beach-inspector,

Because they just have a vague idea
where they will be in the next month, week…or moment.

They don’t have a plan neither a permanent address.
Sometimes they are up in the air,
And sometimes, deep under water…
for taking the best shot.

They’re literally dancing their way around the world,
And they love sleeping under the open sky.
Your mind is troubled by imagining they could fall in love
with a fly boarder, street dog …or a beach.

Their senses klimax on purity and…
they go…

Don’t date a Beach-Inspector,

because they are not afraid of leaving you.
And if you fall in love with one, then

Because their aim is to find the best beach …For you


Eure Iza ♥

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