Have you ever dreamed of a luxurious little wooden bungalow right on the beach, with its own staircase leading straight from the bedroom into the deep blue sea? No? Well, we have. And we have made our dream come true. We’re not talking about the famous overwater bungalows in the Maldives or the South Seas, but about a holiday destination you can reach in a mere 4-hour flight. Last week saw the opening of the world’s first-ever lifeguard tower pop-up hotel at the ever-popular Frishman Beach in the centre of the Tel Aviv metropolis. Iza and Sandra from Beach-Inspector were there for the opening, and were the first guests to spend a night in this unique hotel.


Tel Aviv – never a dull moment

Israel has lots of lovely beaches, but on Tuesday 14 March 2017, it was the Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv that was at the centre of the action. Hundreds of people gathered on the beach that morning. But they weren’t there to go for a swim, say hello to George Clooney or take part some other event of the kind that often attracts such a gathering. They were there for something quite out of the ordinary: the opening of the world’s first-ever lifeguard tower pop-up hotel! As a lively modern city on the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is always coming up with the unexpected.


Sandra und Iza at Frishman Beach

Sandra and Iza just before checking in!


5 things you shouldn’t miss in Tel Aviv:

  1. Tel Aviv’s nightlife – it’s a never ending party!
  2. Hummus!!!
  3. The ports of Tel Aviv and Jaffa
  4. The culinary variety – a feast for the taste-buds
  5. The rich variety of museums in Tel Aviv 


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But back to our lifeguard tower, which has now been transformed into a one-of-a-kind dream bungalow. No one wanted to miss the opening of this innovative hotel, and journalists descended on Frishman Beach from all over the world. The idea of converting one of the well-known lifeguard towers into a pop-up hotel came into being a few years ago.


For anyone who is unfamiliar with the trendy idea of a „pop-up hotel“ here’s a definition worthy of Wikipedia: a booth, hotel or set of modules constructed for a short time only, which „pop up“ and are then demolished or dismantled.


This extraordinary idea has now at last been realised as part of the Two Cities. One Break campaign, which aims to promote tourist travel to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In collaboration with Brown Hotels, it took just two weeks to remodel the lifeguard tower on the Frishman Beach into a 5-star boutique hotel. The result is well worth seeing: the lower floor houses a small bedroom with a free-standing bathtub, while the upper floor has a stylish living room with an incredible view over the Mediterranean. Designer Aline Langlieb has used the minimum of space to create a feel-good oasis unparalleled anywhere in the world. Take a look at the video to see just HOW delightful it is.


First night in the lifeguard tower

For a start, we had no idea what a hullabaloo would greet our Beach Inspectors, Sandra and Iza, in Tel Aviv! They were the ones to have the honour of spending the first night in this unique hotel. Shortly before the opening, Iza and Sandra travelled to Tel Aviv for the opening ceremony. They were invited to cross the sand with their suitcases to the lifeguard tower to launch this tiny luxury hotel in the presence of numerous journalists from all over the world.


Lifeguard Tower Hotel Tel Aviv

The object of desire: the Lifeguard Tower Hotel on the Frishman Beach


Then the whole world watched, as the pair were ushered in front of the cameras.


„Can you say a few words on Israeli live television? No problem – but please can I put my suitcase down first?“


Iza and Sandra managed this little diplomatic surprise with all the skill and confidence so characteristic of a Beach Inspector. If you are wondering whether the two of them had a chance to catch their breath a bit after the international fuss over them (after all, it wasn’t „just“ Israeli television – a prominent Spanish newspaper also had a reporter present!), we can set your mind at rest. Iza and Sandra kept their feet firmly on the ground – apart from during the 4-hour return flight, of course – and will carry on testing beaches for Beach Inspector and giving you the latest information on beaches and countries around the world in their magnificent Iza-and-Sandra style.




The night of nights – we have the exclusive video and photos!

After all the hullabaloo and then breakfast with the Mayor of Tel Aviv and the Israeli Minister for Tourism, the pair were finally allowed to be the first guests to spend a night in the hotel. It’s strenuous, life as a jetsetter. Iza can certainly sing a song about it. It goes without saying that her secret Beach Inspector mission is: Take a really close look at everything! This video – only a little longer than the description of its contents – gives exclusive footage of the very first night spent in the world’s first-ever lifeguard tower pop-up hotel. The video will have you asking the not unreasonable question, „Shouldn’t I become a Beach Inspector?“. You’ll find the video above, and the first photos here:




The first lifeguard tower hotel – a short-lived affair

As we’ve mentioned, a pop-up hotel is always a very short-lived affair and so is this one. The Lifeguard Tower Hotel will be in existence for only 4 weeks before being restored to its real purpose in good time for the beginning of the bathing season. And if we’re honest: although this hotel is a fantastic idea, there’s no doubt that lifeguards perform a vital service on a beach. So let’s give the guys their tower back.

After all, that’s one reason it’s as sought-after as almost any hotel in Tel Aviv, since everyone would like to have spent a night in this incomparable location. To manage the high demand fairly, the Ministry of Tourism has come up with an ingenious plan: a social media competition.



15 happy couples and 1 alternative for the „unlucky ones“

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a social media competition, in which 15 couples can win a night in this unusual hotel right on the beach. Hundreds of users in need of a vacation have been taking part and have posted their photos on social media with the hashtag #TakeMe2TelAviv.

Those who are not among the lucky winners can nonetheless be in for a similar treat. Just a few metres from the Frishman Beach is the Brown Beach House Hotel, which was responsible for the design of Lifeguard Tower Hotel, ensuring its stylish and idyllic ambience. The rooms here are in no way inferior to the Lifeguard Tower Hotel.

But, as ever, the best is saved till last: you can simply reserve a room here, without any of the hashtag fuss and bother, and can enjoy the beaches of the lively city of Tel Aviv from close by. And what a city Tel Aviv is… that needs a whole blog article of its own.

So, have we aroused your enthusiasm for what is without doubt an awesome, exciting, fascinating city – Tel Aviv?


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